Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gully Premier League - Another business idea?

Imagine a indegenous version of the IPL - GPL (Gully Premier League). 

What is GPL all about?

It would be more in lines of the reality TV shows these days. We will have local groups of people coming together to form a cricket team. These teams can follow their own composition but need to make sure that they are a part of the same locality. Just in lines of the world famous "LAGAAN" team.

Lets fix some basic rules of the team:
  • Minimum age of participation should be 15 years Max: Sky is the limit :)
  • Teams should be of minimum 16 members and max 20 members
  • Should be well equipped with basic cricket gears
  • Should know basic rules of cricket
Event itenary:
  • The GPL organising committee will shortlist few cities and conduct screening test wherein all willing participants will play against each other in a county style i.e. 10 over a side match.
  • There will be no cap on the number of teams from a city, however GPL committee will shortlist 21 best teams from all the corners of the country.
  • The shortlisted teams will be given a chance to show their talents across the country as this will be a equally bombastic tournament like the IPL... inshallah...!
This is a small dream to become another "Lalit Modi"... ;)

Just kidding... because he indeed is a great thinker and it calls for great effort to become like him... but no doubt... if pursued properly... GPL will also be a super hit... Kasam se..!

Dream big... because: "Yeh dil maange more (heart asks for more) ... aaha..!!"

Readers, do you agree with me?


  1. grt idea...why dont u sell it to Smax??

  2. The greatest of players from Pak came out from gully Cricket

  3. Good idea - Wasim Akram came out from Gully Cricket!!!!