Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is another big brand going to perish soon?

With HP taking over Compaq, the existence of Compaq literally siezed and got converted as a product line of HP...

Is this going to be the same fate of "Satyam" with TechMahindra taking it over?

On one hand... Satyamites may rejoice of a positive move towards the existence of the company but on the other hand everyone is tongue tied if TechMahindra is going to continue with "Satyam" as a brand or re-christen it to something else. Satyam & TechMahindra had never been logger heads in terms of line of business so the chances of the "HP - Compaq" repeat action is minimal. Continuation of "Satyam" as a brand will be of more sense as that will incite a sense of confidence among the investors, clients and employees. Change of name can overshadow the confidence of the brain power at Satyam and gradually see a phased decline in the output quality. 

Needless to say that "TechMahindra" is an equally competent brand so the question of being proud of the company's brand is debatable. I guess, Tech Mahindra should strategise in such a way that Satyam continue to exist as "SATYAM" and do not repeat the "Compaq" situation...!

This is just a viewpoint... I'm sure readers may or may not agree to the same.

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