Monday, April 6, 2009

Electronic Media today... Indian perspective

What's the media doing to the world at large... helping people or bringing them down? Media world today seems to be busy making money only and has no concern for the world at large.

Be it the run to the General Elections or a bomb blast at a location "x"... media today is trying to create a hype out of everything. Turn on any news channel these days, one can only find news items pertaining to the general elections at the center stage. Few days back it was cricket fever all over and prior to that it was 26/11 & Kasab...! 

Why is the indian media so topic centric today? I don't find international media acting in such a way... say for instance if you turn on BBC news channel you wont find any single topic taking centre stage and all the issues world over are covered in a balanced way..! Is it that the Indian media is short sighted or is it that they only want to to show things that would please the top brass or bring the news group to a limelight?

The Indian news world seems to so confused that they are not able to maintain the balance! They seem to have become a malnutritioned element with a strong bulge at the belly area... 

Dont you think the common masses needs to raise a voice to stop this hype so that they focus on news to enhance awareness and not to create chaos...?


  1. I agree.....The Indian media has absolutely and completely lost its sense of balance....

  2. more than journalism or news broadcast it is sensationalism of any incident(not even an event or issue). i guess Indian news have relevant inputs to conclude that most of the Indian mass are used to soaps/dramas and hence have their news presented similarly! hence a 95 second footage is forecast 429 times till the pixels catch your eyeballs...