Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Train Hijack

The news flash I got to see just after entering office this morning was:

  • "Suspected rebels 'stop' train in India" - CNN
  • "Maoists hijack train, 500 passengers held hostage" - The Australian
  • "Rebels Hijack Train With Hundreds On Board" - Sky News
  • "Maoist rebels seize Indian train" - BBC News
I guess there could not be a softer target than Indian trains. Lets see how...

Advantages favoring the "Terror Makers" for hijacking a train in India:

  • Lowest level of security beyond railway stations
  • power means of communication (except for the walkies with the guard and the driver... apart from the cellphones with the passengers)
  • Lack of monitoring devices like CCTV (it may sound too hi-tech in Indian scenario but its the need of the hour)
  • Extra time needed by security forces to reach remote locations from where the trains pass (some locations are even in accessible by any means other than foot)
and may be many more....

So... which is safer... Air travel or Train? I strongly feel that Air Travel is safer in the Indian scenario because the chance of 100% rescue in train hi-jack is too low where as the chance of 100% rescue in a plane hi-jack is far higher..! Reason behind this argument: Air travel is more organised compared to train travel...! Right?

So the next time you choose to travel by train... pray for your stars to be with you especially during the journey...!

I hope my readers will have something to say on this...


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