Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is Indian Politics becoming a mere family affair...?

Starting from the Gandhian days... of course which still continues... till the M K Karunanidhi era...strong politicians turning a full fledged country politics into a mere family affair!

This situation is similar to any business house where an entrepreneur starts his endeavors, gets his business to a certain level and then hands it over to his/her next generation i.e. son/daughter. Is the government of our country is becoming like a business of an entrepreneur?

Thank God, dreaded politicians like Jayalalitha.. (strong opponent of Karunanidhi) is single else she too would have tried all sorts of blackmail to get crucial portfolios for her decendants... May sound hilarious but thats the truth..!

Should we encourage such kind of politicians...? But then the question arises who will stop them? Me... or you?

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