Friday, May 15, 2009

Is "Recession" directly proportional to current work pressure???

There has been a serious hype about the current "Recession". Everyone blames the recession for all hard time at work...!

Have we even bothered to think about good times at work when the market was not receding? Hmmm... I guess most of us will agree saying "no"!

I strongly believe that this is the right picture of the market be it Indian market or be it the World market. There was a bullish trend created due to some hidden factors that unknowingly control the market.

Imagine the market being a pot under an open tap. We were merry making when the water was filling and ignored the speed of water filling the pot. Once the pot is full, its quite obvious that water will overflow. The current situation is just the overflowing state. Now, how to stop this overflow? Simply close the tap... Sounds simple but it needs all brains of the world to come together and bail out this overflowing situation.

So I urge upon my readers: don't hype, don't cry over recession... just think... and try to find some way out...!!

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