Friday, July 24, 2009

Bandh - a synonym for Bengal?

Day in and day out, I get to face the brunt of these bandhs here in Kolkata. Imagine paying a premium for your regular transport to office on the pretext of a bandh called by some "XYZ" political party...!!


Last Friday was a bandh and I had to reach office. Buses - none to be found on the roads. Cycle rickshaws were the king that day. I got out and enquired a rickshaw puller about the fare to my office (usual fare is Rs 12). He replied - "Rs 30"! I was taken aback and asked for a reason for such a fare, he (usual business tactics) says - "Sir, since you live in this area, I'm charging you less else we are not charging anything less than Rs 45"!! I simply said - "Enjoy your idle hours at the stand, I'll find some other means...!" and walked away.

Then I could find one auto rickshaw moving in the direction to my office. I stopped it and enquired about the rate, the reply was Rs 15 (usual fare Rs 6). I got irate and asked him a simple question: "Did I call the bandh?"! He giggled and replied "No"... I raised my tone slightly and said: "If I did not cause this havoc, why do I need to pay the premium... my employer does not pay me a premium for coming to office on a bandh day...!! Its better I walk than pay you unnecessarily... you get lost...!" He starting cursing and went away... I walked down to office.

Think of people who live very far from their workplace, how will they manage such bandh amidst rising prices...!!

Who is responsible? Is the common man the ultimate sufferer? Do we get a respite from this stupid bandhs??


  1. good boy......good way to think.........only question is if you can walk to your office on bandh day why not on other days?????

  2. Love da way u write ur posts.very refined english, wish I could write in similar way.
    gud job. likhte reh.