Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Autobiography of a mouse (computer mouse)

Logitech USB Mouse
Click... click... Hi... I'm your favorite... Mousy, the mouse.

Have you ever wondered how it feels for being clicked through ones life... kidding! Its my life and I'm born to be clicked..!

Let me give me a brief intro about myself. I'm an optical mouse with USB2.0 interface and born in a company called "Logitech" at a Hong Kong factory. I've got two click buttons and a scroll wheel. Today I turn two... thats right... its my b'day today so I thought of writing about my life.

My ancestors used have a PS2 interface but with the advancement of technology even our race improved. USB rocks... I find so comfort... its beyond expression. Moreover, with jet speed computing my life is becoming easier but complex day by day.

I enjoy being in safe hands of experienced users i.e. "who handle with care"! Why I feel so? Once my master was teaching something on the comp to his younger brother (who was just 5) and later gave the complete control to his brother. I can still feel the pain thinking of that moment. The kid... a brat... had no feelings for me and tapped my click buttons as if I was a tabla! The brat was trying to play some game and got so excited that he was almost on top of me... God saved me!!

I enjoy the most when my master's parents use me! They handle me so gently... as if I'm a new born baby! Ummma..

As far as my master is concerned, I have a little complain.... he uses me scantily. He's very fond of my colleague... Mr Keyboard... He uses me rarely but he has his own style of using me in terms of his timing!!!

But guess what I think I'm gonna be extinct soon...! I overheard my master talking to his friend last night. He is planning to replace me with my next generation - a wireless mouse. He said it would be more handy for him...! I served him with utmost sincerity over the past two years but he's not giving a second thought of retaining...! I thought I'm safe this recession... but I guess no one is...!! :(

Master, please re-think... I am a very obedient servant and reliable one too! Please consider the extension of my services... I promise that I'll serve you till my death! Please please please...
Readers... what do you say...?? Should I consider Mr Mousy's request?


  1. Please do listen to his cry dude..He will be no where if you leave him like this. Just for a technology desire don't push his life to the darkness of hell though you hardly facilitate him..Still you are his Master.What will happen to the Masterpiece......:)

  2. Hey Mr. Mousy... here is someone who cares for your cry... I guess our score is 1:0 (you vs me)... :)

  3. hmm...interesting...
    bichare mousy!


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