Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kolkata - city of joy?

map of Baguiati in Kolkata source: late I've been hearing frequent incidents of chain snatching and loot on busy roads in the city. Such incidents have been constantly on a rise in the past few days...! And finally... even I was a victim of this street menace last evening at a near by area (Baguiati - VIP Road).

I usually prefer staying indoors during weekends but somehow... decided to go out for a stroll last evening. Two well built men approached me from behind and attacked me. One snatched my chain and the other laid his hand on my wallet. I resisted a lot but was a bit infront of those two huge built men. I somehow was able to bring one of the two down with elbow knock and he was badly hit. However, I could not grip either of the two as it was drizzling and my hands were wet n slippery. Both fled in the darkness. I tried chasing but no luck. After running a while, I could find my wallet... of course with no currency in it..! but the two had vanished.

I just turned around and to my surprise found a police patroling van standing in the corner of the street. I went and told the sargant about the incident. He casually replied... "you are young... you could have knocked him down... you are useless! What can the police do?... blab blab blab..." I simply turned my back to him and walked away. Local residents adviced to lodge a FIR at the nearby police station but I sarcastically replied... "I am confident about the capability of our police... I leave it on fate!" A senior person walked towards me, gave a pat on my back and said: "young man, you seem to have learnt about the hard truth very early... do you have money to go back home...?" I replied: "No!"... He took out 15 bucks and said "God is great, keep your spirits alive.. things will fall in place" and I came back home!!! This has been the most dreaded experience during my stay in Kolkata since past 4.5 years.

Is this city becoming unsafe day by day? Is the law and order system strong enough to protect the common man? I came out unhurt of this... but many are not so fortunate...!! When will this end? What can we do to bring an end to this? Will the police be of any help to the common man?


  1. am glad u r still in one piece.
    baguihati is nt da safest plce in kol so be lil alert.
    at da risk of sounding defensive,lemme say tht kol is stil better compared to other metros like delhi where gals r raped n men r killed at da blink of an eye.

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  3. Strongly support Abhi's remark on this. Seriously dude, the first thing my mom asked is he allright??!!! Everyone knows circumstances are not to charismatic nowadays....So please beware from the next time..I hope you already had a lesson..

  4. Arvind... a really shivering experience. Law n order is not the order of the day. You look back and u will find 2 variants there... 1 forcing you down to grab what he gets... the other still humane to lend you the support at that critical time. I think the sprit of the city lies in that elderly person who unconditionally extended support to you. The guardians of law ... the lesser it is said the better. Quite shocking to read that... but take care of yourself.

  5. Rightly said sir...! I agree with your point..