Monday, August 10, 2009

Response at the Kolkata Bloggers' Meet

It was indeed a happening Saturday evening when I got to see faces I've been seeing virtually only! It was an experience of its kind which is beyond expression. On one hand I felt it was a forum where people where trying to sell themselves or their products and on the other hand it was fun...!

I had been glued to my seat from 5 pm to 9 pm! Though the meet lasted even beyond 9, I had to leave as I was getting repeated calls from my friend who was waiting out side the venue. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening from the start till the end of my stay there.

One of the presentations (by Aji Isaac) was very interesting which spoke about the composition of blogs of the participants. It showed cool facts about the type, content, location, target audience etc of the blogs of people who attended the meet. Good work Aji...!!

Abhishek Rungta too was too informative with his presentation on Blog Monetisation...

Mr. Agrawal was great (as usual)... with his slide show on "Online Reputation Management"... I learnt a great deal and am already on my way to put his suggestions into action... Thanks sir..!! :)

I hope we have more of such meets at periodic intervals...!


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