Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Human Evolution - which way are we headed to?

Human Evolution
With "Internet" turning 40 today (TOI), which way is the IT-Savy human race heading to? This is quite debatable ...!

On one hand wider knowledge is available at hand's reach whereas on the other hand the thirst for knowledge is making us addicted to the computers, precisely Internet!!

I can hardly imagine my day to day life without having access to the net even for a single day! Be it work or leisure, I ought to be connected else I feel a mere caged bird...!! Funny but true! This is not a case with me but even most of my friends...

I guess we need to wake up to educate our peers and the future generation on not getting "addicted" to the Internet. We need to realise and make others realise that Internet needs to be used as an enabler instead of making a mandatory element of our day to day life.

I can never even imagine of opposing the use internet but I do realise that I should curfew my venture on the Internet... a step down from addiction to optimum utilisation...!!

I would like to know my readers' views if this realisation is application to "you" as well...??


  1. no yar, internet has bridged da distance all over da world.Internet is the need of the hr.

  2. no doubt... Internet is the need of the hour... its just that the need to getting on to the level of addiction...!!

  3. every coin hs 2 sides.thngs hv positives n negatives.n god hs gvn us brains wid wisdom 2 differentiate between d 2.i still remember my teacher saying RULE UR HABITS.DNT LET UR HABITS RULE U.

  4. thats well said...! point noted teacher ji...!