Monday, November 30, 2009

Kolkata - City of Ironical Agitation..

Today is a an agitation with a difference...! "BJP" the so called people's party has raised a voice against the rising prices. But who's the victim of this agitation... the common man..! What an irony...!

I guess this bandh was divert the ruling party's attention towards the unreasonable price rise but the execution of the bandh is awful!

Bandh supporters are causing trouble to the common man - isnt it an irony? This bandh was called to support the common man. People are being forced to get off the roads disturbing daily commuters and office goers on their way to earn their "bread n butter"! Common man is terrorised to the extent that some have resisted even to come out of their homes..!

When will "Kolkata" rise over this awful acts? Its always good to voice against the bad things around but that should not impact the party who is supposed to benefit from such an act. Flaming buses, dropping shutters, panicking people should not be the result of such action. It should be subtle and impact the person intended.

I'm often reminded of the Tata Tea ad punch line "Utho nahi, Jago India Jago"..!


  1. ये बुझने से पहले दिपक का तेज है... जो भी इसके पीछे है वो अच्छी तरह जनता है की अब हमलोग का दिपक बुझने वाला है ....

    विनाश काले विपरीत बुधि.......

    प्रताप रूद्र

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