Friday, February 12, 2010

My Name is KHAN...- "Hardwork" facing challenges...!

What is this retaliation for...? Is this a personal battle in the veil of political unrest...? What is it?

With MNS placed right in the heart of the commercial hub of India, all walks of life are being hit badly. On one hand its the "Marathi vs Non-Marthi" battle and on the other hand its the battle against everyone who is not a supporter of MNS..!

With the agitation against "My name is Khan" is a movie portraying on how Indians are treated post 9/11! Whats the point agitating against such a creation? Just because SRK acted in the movie, MNS protests against the screening of this movie..! Agitation, demonstration leading to frustration... what a waste of time, energy and money!

We need to stand and raise our voice... support the screening else we too will find ourselves amidst this agitation some day or the other which may not be too far..!

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