Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finding a perfect match... Tough!

Being single at 30 seems to be such a big crisis to family, friends and well-wishers that I sometimes feel why did I grow up... lol...! Kidding...

Precisely, I'm finding it tough to discover my Ms Right!

I remember my last year at school where I used to be rated as a good speaker when it came to Extempore or debates. The last intra-school extempore contest that I won was on the topic - "Choices" and I remember my line "Choices choices everywhere but choices none to choose". My bride hunt seems to be inspired by this line that was spoken by me way ahead of even thinking about a life partner.

The every other person who talks be it parents, be it best buddies or be it people at workplace - all seem to be so concerned that I'm not getting married and I should expedite on getting married. This factor has forced me to think of this blog post... wherein I'm just thinking aloud... (I guess this goes alike with all who are single)

Probability 1: Love
Its not that I've never been in love but its not necessary that everyone's successful in getting their love. I haven't come across anyone till date who has not experienced love... sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not! So probability no. 1 is almost ruled out as I'm unable to find love yet.... Though the heart is still open for that special one... :)

Probability 2: Online Matrimonial
Going by my parents wish, I got registered to few matrimonial sites. Though hesitantly, I started browsing the sites. It has been about 2 months since I've started actively exploring these sites. I find myself in a very comic situation. These sites allow you to filter the criteria as per your wish but ironically it does not filter on what the other person wants. For example, I being short height would prefer someone whose my height or lesser so I filter height between 4ft 10inches to 5ft 2inches. Applying that filter yielded about 10000 results. I started viewing the profiles one by one. Every profile I open, the first thing I review is partner expectation where I just find one thing - "Preferred partner height" which ranges between 5ft 8inches to 6ft 5inches... does this mean short height guys don't stand a chance to find a match on these portals...?? What a comic scenario ha ha ha.... So probability no. 2 is also almost ruled out!

Probability 3: Parents' hunt
My parents seem to be the most active party in this entire exercise but the irony is they too are not able to find one as they could not find any horoscope yet that matches to mine... still they are sure that going by the horoscope can assure good life! No problem mom n dad... I'm with you! Hence, probability 3 - an open ended situation

Probability 4: Socialize
This is totally proving to be out of scene... Going to office at 9 and back at 9 working Monday through Saturday... This cannot at all be counted as a probability...!!

Probability 5: Analyzing my friends' list for a suitable match
This is a very risky proposition. Timing is quite important and I'm a champion of bad timing so this would be a disastrous option hence probability 5 ruled out toooo!

Probabilities are endless...

Don't you think, Finding a perfect match is tough?? Then whats next....

I'm sure that "someone somewhere is made for me" (sounds too filmy) but I believe in this firmly. So I need put my "eagle-eye" one keeping looking and answer all my well wishers that "hey you all.... meet her... she's my better half..." :)


  1. I can sooo relate to it! Here's wishing u all the very best for a lovely wife and me for a super bhabhi ;)
    And yes I vividly remember ur extempore on 'Choices'. U were marvelous!

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