Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali

Diwali Gifts
This Diwali has been an occasion of quite enriching experience.

It was so that my company has a practice of giving away gifts to key customers on the occasion of Diwali. These gifts are distributed personally and key officers in the company are given this responsibility of delivering the gifts and conveying the gifts in person. I was assigned this responsibility too wherein I had to distribute about 35 gifts spread across Gurgaon and Delhi. 

The range of customers included people who live in the poshest of colonies and also to the interiors of the neighboring villages.

Two such extreme meetings were really a great learning for me.

I happened to visit a customer who hails from a very rich family and has been working for an automotive company for a long time. His house was no lesser than an elite bungalow with almost all the requirements and luxuries were kept under one roof. It was joint family setup. The entire family was having lunch together when I reached there to give him the gift. He was very humble and warmly welcomed me and my colleague. He insisted on having lunch with them but both of us were already full so politely denied. He still offered us some soft drinks and sweets and interacted in such a way as if he knew me from ages. His family was also quite involved with us in the talks. All the while my eyes were wandering all across his house and was really wishing to have a life like that.

The very next stop for me was a neighboring village in NCR. We were to visit a  key client who was an engineer with a leading automotive company. It was tough task finding his house as there was no specific address because there were no numbers allotted in that village yet. But knowing our closely knit village culture, we were guided by a number of villagers to his house. We could not meet him but were warmly welcomed by his parents. His father quoted that his son was the only engineer in the village or rather the only guy in his community who did not take up Zamindari and insisted being an engineer. He also told us about the village and the practices there. He offered us tea. To my surprise, he also called in our driver and gave him the same treatment. They also introduced us to their daughter who was a B.Sc. & B.Ed. - Amazing isn't it...?

Viewing both these extremes, I was taken into a thought world to wonder what's life? On one hand we find people who are born with a silver spoon making their way to success whereas on the other hand there are people who are not so lucky but their hard work and dedication takes them to the place where they want to be! Life's really a great teacher... 

Thank you God for such an enriching experience this Diwali...!

Happy Diwali to everyone...


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