Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Halla Bol

A sunny welcome to the 62nd Republic Day. Woke up to enjoy the holiday and tuned in to the television. Surfing through the channels, I decided to watch "Halla Bol".

The screening of this movie on this is so so apt that describing the aptness will call for words more than those available in the dictionary. Being republic just for the sake or do we really understand the meaning of being a republic country.

A few weeks back, I was walking back home after some shopping (groceries etc), when I noticed a big crowd standing around something. There were flashes of camera from the inside end of the crowd. Too hard to guess what was going on inside. Holding on to my curiosity and the 6 kg bag on one hand, I made way to the crowd. Taking advantage of my short height, was able to reach to the epicentre of the event... Was expecting something exciting but surprisingly it was not exciting but shocking. A young lady (in her late 20s) and a small kid (about 3 yrs) were lying in a pool of blood!! What were the people who crowded upto??? I could just hear discussion on the probabilities of the accident and the chances of the victims' survival.... On the othe hand, our dear media crew was busy covering the tragic event than taking any action as responsible representatives of our society....

The first thought within me was to just walk away thinking world is a bad place to live in... So I turned around. But then there was a pricking sensation within which held me back making me think that if I walk away, I too add to the bad-ness of this world.... I turned back, walked towards the pool of blood but realised it was too late for me to help them.... With a guilt concious, I called 100 (anonymously) and informed about the accident. Police reached the spot in 10 mins, cleared the crowd and took away the bodies!!

All the while I had been thinking, could anyone have saved the mother-child....? Our media network is so strong that they are able to reach at all incident spots in a flash even before the police can reach.... So.... They are the ones who can lead the way with their thinking power, activness and intelligence. Are stories more important than saving a life..??

Even, we the citizens need to move with equal responsibility and start leading and stop being lead!!!

Together we the people can make INDIA a true REPUBLIC country where we know our responsibilities towards ourselves and our society....!

So India - Happy Republic Day....

Wake up and Hall Bol....!
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