Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life on Android

Its been over a week since I last connected my system to the net...! Reason: my new android phone! Social networking has gone so accessible that I do not need a system to get online...

Be it getting online on skype or be it blogging.... Its right there on my palm! Isn't the world getting smaller n smaller??

There was time when I used to go long way to a friends place to access internet to view the results of my board exams.... Thats a decade old story:-)

Today, be it locating a place on the map or exploring info about a topic on google or wikipedia its all a flick away... Moreover, with google android, u need even load an app to read a wall post on fb or check mails on gmail, one is connected from the word go!

Hats off to this techo revolution.... Looking eagerly forward for a decade down the lane, when info will be available on a gadget to the size of my thumb....!

I'm loving it!
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