Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lost in the vicinity...

TIt has been a while since I've blogged...not because I was too busy but reasons beyond thought!!

I'm in search of myself...!!

Its not that my search is over but its time for me to get back to my usual action!

My neighbor was chatting with me while I was standing at the park nearby... He asked me what I'm looking for in my life partner. I usually dont entertain such queries but the person was quite old so I could not avoid. I simply answered - "She needs to be literate and self driven, thats my only requirement".

He smiled at me and said - "Thats a smart answer and I wish you luck"

The reaction was not anticipated as I expected him to be like all people of his age offering me help to find my better half. I gave him a confused smile and walked back home.

Lying on my bed, I was thinking about the old man's reaction. I realized that we anticipate based on things that get repeated frequently in our lives and forget that every moment is not the same.

This small incident today has lifted my spirits to think different yet again...n here I'm back on my blogging spree!!

Now the hunt for myself has gone to a new platform all together!!
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