Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gully Premier League - Another business idea?

Imagine a indegenous version of the IPL - GPL (Gully Premier League). 

What is GPL all about?

It would be more in lines of the reality TV shows these days. We will have local groups of people coming together to form a cricket team. These teams can follow their own composition but need to make sure that they are a part of the same locality. Just in lines of the world famous "LAGAAN" team.

Lets fix some basic rules of the team:
  • Minimum age of participation should be 15 years Max: Sky is the limit :)
  • Teams should be of minimum 16 members and max 20 members
  • Should be well equipped with basic cricket gears
  • Should know basic rules of cricket
Event itenary:
  • The GPL organising committee will shortlist few cities and conduct screening test wherein all willing participants will play against each other in a county style i.e. 10 over a side match.
  • There will be no cap on the number of teams from a city, however GPL committee will shortlist 21 best teams from all the corners of the country.
  • The shortlisted teams will be given a chance to show their talents across the country as this will be a equally bombastic tournament like the IPL... inshallah...!
This is a small dream to become another "Lalit Modi"... ;)

Just kidding... because he indeed is a great thinker and it calls for great effort to become like him... but no doubt... if pursued properly... GPL will also be a super hit... Kasam se..!

Dream big... because: "Yeh dil maange more (heart asks for more) ... aaha..!!"

Readers, do you agree with me?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Train Hijack

The news flash I got to see just after entering office this morning was:

  • "Suspected rebels 'stop' train in India" - CNN
  • "Maoists hijack train, 500 passengers held hostage" - The Australian
  • "Rebels Hijack Train With Hundreds On Board" - Sky News
  • "Maoist rebels seize Indian train" - BBC News
I guess there could not be a softer target than Indian trains. Lets see how...

Advantages favoring the "Terror Makers" for hijacking a train in India:

  • Lowest level of security beyond railway stations
  • power means of communication (except for the walkies with the guard and the driver... apart from the cellphones with the passengers)
  • Lack of monitoring devices like CCTV (it may sound too hi-tech in Indian scenario but its the need of the hour)
  • Extra time needed by security forces to reach remote locations from where the trains pass (some locations are even in accessible by any means other than foot)
and may be many more....

So... which is safer... Air travel or Train? I strongly feel that Air Travel is safer in the Indian scenario because the chance of 100% rescue in train hi-jack is too low where as the chance of 100% rescue in a plane hi-jack is far higher..! Reason behind this argument: Air travel is more organised compared to train travel...! Right?

So the next time you choose to travel by train... pray for your stars to be with you especially during the journey...!

I hope my readers will have something to say on this...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is another big brand going to perish soon?

With HP taking over Compaq, the existence of Compaq literally siezed and got converted as a product line of HP...

Is this going to be the same fate of "Satyam" with TechMahindra taking it over?

On one hand... Satyamites may rejoice of a positive move towards the existence of the company but on the other hand everyone is tongue tied if TechMahindra is going to continue with "Satyam" as a brand or re-christen it to something else. Satyam & TechMahindra had never been logger heads in terms of line of business so the chances of the "HP - Compaq" repeat action is minimal. Continuation of "Satyam" as a brand will be of more sense as that will incite a sense of confidence among the investors, clients and employees. Change of name can overshadow the confidence of the brain power at Satyam and gradually see a phased decline in the output quality. 

Needless to say that "TechMahindra" is an equally competent brand so the question of being proud of the company's brand is debatable. I guess, Tech Mahindra should strategise in such a way that Satyam continue to exist as "SATYAM" and do not repeat the "Compaq" situation...!

This is just a viewpoint... I'm sure readers may or may not agree to the same.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Corporate World - Test Cricket...

A striking similarity exists between our workplace and the game of cricket (Test Match)! We just have to look at it that way.

Lets look at the team composition comparison:
  • CEO - Captain (non-playing)
  • Marketing & Sales department - Opener
  • Operations - Middle Order
  • Finance/Accounts/Admin - Tail enders
  • HRD - Selectors
  • Chairman - Match Referee
  • Investors - Third Umpire
  • Target Market - Playground
  • Competitor - Opponent
Lets presume that our side is the batting side and the opponent will field. The Marketing & Sales department (popularly known as the Business Development department) starts the batting order. The entire game depends on how well the openers perform i.e. right from lead generation till deal closure. Huge orders with high profit booking would mean a century stand between the openers.

Once the openers are out, the middle order comes into action i.e. the Operations (or the delivery crew) department comes into play. It all depends how they carry the momentum provided by the openers. Any goof-up in the middle order would mean "flop show"! Their innings get over with the successful project execution and client acceptance.

Now the tail-enders play with the remaining show... billing, collection, collation... etc...!

I guess.. this is heights of imagination... i.e. imagining our CEO in place of MSD (India Captain) conducting team huddles in the market... ha ha ha!

I am sure you readers would agree to me...!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Electronic Media today... Indian perspective

What's the media doing to the world at large... helping people or bringing them down? Media world today seems to be busy making money only and has no concern for the world at large.

Be it the run to the General Elections or a bomb blast at a location "x"... media today is trying to create a hype out of everything. Turn on any news channel these days, one can only find news items pertaining to the general elections at the center stage. Few days back it was cricket fever all over and prior to that it was 26/11 & Kasab...! 

Why is the indian media so topic centric today? I don't find international media acting in such a way... say for instance if you turn on BBC news channel you wont find any single topic taking centre stage and all the issues world over are covered in a balanced way..! Is it that the Indian media is short sighted or is it that they only want to to show things that would please the top brass or bring the news group to a limelight?

The Indian news world seems to so confused that they are not able to maintain the balance! They seem to have become a malnutritioned element with a strong bulge at the belly area... 

Dont you think the common masses needs to raise a voice to stop this hype so that they focus on news to enhance awareness and not to create chaos...?