Monday, November 30, 2009

Kolkata - City of Ironical Agitation..

Today is a an agitation with a difference...! "BJP" the so called people's party has raised a voice against the rising prices. But who's the victim of this agitation... the common man..! What an irony...!

I guess this bandh was divert the ruling party's attention towards the unreasonable price rise but the execution of the bandh is awful!

Bandh supporters are causing trouble to the common man - isnt it an irony? This bandh was called to support the common man. People are being forced to get off the roads disturbing daily commuters and office goers on their way to earn their "bread n butter"! Common man is terrorised to the extent that some have resisted even to come out of their homes..!

When will "Kolkata" rise over this awful acts? Its always good to voice against the bad things around but that should not impact the party who is supposed to benefit from such an act. Flaming buses, dropping shutters, panicking people should not be the result of such action. It should be subtle and impact the person intended.

I'm often reminded of the Tata Tea ad punch line "Utho nahi, Jago India Jago"..!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Excel Formula: Round()

Intermediate to advance users of Excel may be quite familiar with the formula "Round()" where one can round off decimals.

Microsoft offers something beyond decimals rounding off by this formula.

The usual syntax for rounding off a number is "Round(#ref,1)" where #ref is the cell reference or the number to be rounded off and 1 is the number of decimal places the number needs to be rounded off i.e. if you want two digits after the decimal it should be 2, for one digit it should be 1 and no digits after decimal it should be 0.

Have you ever tried using -ve number for rounding off...?

Yes..! Using a negative number in the syntax will round of the number to the unit place you desire i.e. "Round(#ref,-1)". Eg: You wish to round off 123456 to the nearest thousands so the formula would be "Round(123456,-3)" - Result: 123000!!

This would be quite handy for the finance and sales people who need to quote rounded figures at various forums..!!

Microsoft excel rocks..!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maharashtra - no more a part of India?

I think the MNS brigade is going all out to prove nothing...! What do they want? A country of their own?

With their menace hitting the news every day, I guess they have become a threat to the national security. In a way it has gone critical beyond the "Pakistan occupied Kashmir" issue..! Who is responsible for their strength - the central Government or the people of Maharashtra? I do have apprehensions about the political driven "Kolkata" & "Bengal" but I guess there's a bigger picture which is out there in Maharashtra..!

Are they not citizens of India? If yes, do they know that "Hindi" is our national language.. in short "Rashtrabhasa"? Protecting regional interests is highly solicited but that should not stop people adopting the national language.

Also, Mumbai happens to be the commercial hub of India so its quite obvious that career oriented people will flock into the city to build their future. With the caution raised to SBI on its hiring spree, what does MNS wants to prove? If talent is in abundance in Maharashtra then definitely it will shine and people from other states will have lesser opportunity there. But one should not run away from competition on the fear of loosing grounds.

Overall... I think MNS should be tackled ASAP else soon... we'll find a new neighboring county "Marathwada"... and that day does not seem to be too far!!

This post is not criticize or blame anyone but to tell people that time has come to wake up before its too late..!!

(picture taken from Times of India (Kolkata edition - 15-Nov-2009) showing the hilarious side of MNS, where they pasted their party poster over a hoarding by an English coaching centre)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blogger at the reception...

I was out to a client's place last week where I had to wait for the client's representative at their office reception. The wait was a little long (40 mins) because the person I was supposed to meet was in an urgent conference call with his clients.

All this while I was seated on a comfortable couch placed at the reception. Seated comfortably, I had just one view in front of my eyes - a decent looking receptionist. Throughout my wait there I could see her busy on the phone constantly. Sometime over the land-phone and sometime over the mobile. Bottom line was she did not stop for a minute.

This was enough to trigger this blog post. I started wondering that what can be the best engagement for a receptionist? Data-entry? Paper filing? Mail management?

People at the reception are generally low paid staff who are not much educated or have much skills to do any specialised job. This leaves them with an easy option of being over the phone during their complete stay at office everyday.

There you find an answer: people who have so much to talk can be creative too and can write as well. Think if receptionists become active bloggers.. not a bad idea!! Especially with a boom in blogging segment in big companies where companies have started blog forums for their internal communications. Now if the receptionist becomes an active blogger the company can spare one man-power... isnt it a cost saving activity which not only does save cost but also makes use of idle resource...!!

This will create a enthusiasm in the mind of the person at the reception which will help in giving a warm welcome to every person to your office...!!

So why wait... think and act... may be you have a more active and intellect receptionist..!! What do you say??