Thursday, April 15, 2010

Navigation powered by "Ctrl" in Excel

Have you ever wondered the power of the key "Ctrl" while you are navigating in an excel worksheet or workbook...?

The best accelerator key for navigation in excel is "Ctrl"...

  • Move to the beginning of a row                  Ctrl + left arrow
  • Move to the end of a row                          Ctrl + right arrow
  • Move to the beginning of a column              Ctrl + up arrow
  • Move to the end of a column                      Ctrl + down arrow
  • Move to a different worksheets                   Ctrl + Page Up or Page Down
  • Juggle between active workbooks                Ctrl + tab
  • Move to the beginning of worksheet             Ctrl + home
Isnt this is a power house...? 

So next time you use excel.... dont forget your power key to navigate...!

The missing spark...

It has been quite a while since I've been blogging...! Somehow... the spark seems to be missing all of a sudden..! A self introspection has led to nothing but confusion. What's holding me back? Is it work or is it my responsibility towards my family or is it that search for someone special???

I'm clueless on what's wrong...! So ultimately I decided that I need to wake up...

Work is worship
Family is life
but that someone special, who's still silent... is the ever driving force thats keeping the life ticking...

So... my dear friends... here I am... back with the spark. 

Who knows.... this spark in will help me find that someone special.... :)