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The power of "&" operator in Excel

Have you ever tried combining the contents of two cell... the first thing that comes to mind is "concatenate" (an inbuilt function in excel to combine to strings). The usual syntax for using this function is '=concatenate(Text1,Text2)' where text can be entered directly within quotes or use cell reference i.e. '=concatenate(A1,A2)'.... This may be at time cumbersome to remember. The easy solution... "&" operator which serves the same function as concatenate. The syntax for using "&" is '=(text1 & text2)' where the text is to be entered within quotes. Lets try creating an address book for a company where the email naming concept is We just have the list of names i.e. First Name in Column A & Last Name in Column B. Just go to column C and try writing the formula '=(A2 & "." & B2 & "") and just see the merged contents in the new c