Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lil Champs 2009 - a cool reality show on Zee TV

I dont think I have seen a better reality show than this. "Sa re ga ma pa Lil Champs 2009" is indeed the best show on air today! A show where they have brought out the best little champs from the various parts of the country.

The kids are too good especially 8 year old Swarit Shukl from Indore. He's outstanding. One of the mentors of the show has christened him as "Kumar Swarit" in lines of "Kumar Gandharv" who started his career at the age of 8. This kid is beyond praises. He is popular not only for his singing but his ability to make notations of any given song at any point of time. Listeners can actually feel that he's cut off from this world the moment he starts singing. He's not only capable of bringing a smile on any face by his comic acts while singing but also touching the hearts of the audience through slow - emotional tracks.

Other kids to watch out - Abhigyan, Shreyasi, Yatharth and of course Pratiksha

I've now become a great fan of this show on air since last 3 months. I make sure that I dont miss any episodes.

Watch it once, I bet you cant resist watching it again...!

The Zee TV show is aired every Friday & Saturday at 9:30 pm.

Little Champs 2009 website:

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi Readers... It has been a while since my last post... but I could not help it... but rest assured I'll be back very soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kolkata - city of joy?

map of Baguiati in Kolkata source: late I've been hearing frequent incidents of chain snatching and loot on busy roads in the city. Such incidents have been constantly on a rise in the past few days...! And finally... even I was a victim of this street menace last evening at a near by area (Baguiati - VIP Road).

I usually prefer staying indoors during weekends but somehow... decided to go out for a stroll last evening. Two well built men approached me from behind and attacked me. One snatched my chain and the other laid his hand on my wallet. I resisted a lot but was a bit infront of those two huge built men. I somehow was able to bring one of the two down with elbow knock and he was badly hit. However, I could not grip either of the two as it was drizzling and my hands were wet n slippery. Both fled in the darkness. I tried chasing but no luck. After running a while, I could find my wallet... of course with no currency in it..! but the two had vanished.

I just turned around and to my surprise found a police patroling van standing in the corner of the street. I went and told the sargant about the incident. He casually replied... "you are young... you could have knocked him down... you are useless! What can the police do?... blab blab blab..." I simply turned my back to him and walked away. Local residents adviced to lodge a FIR at the nearby police station but I sarcastically replied... "I am confident about the capability of our police... I leave it on fate!" A senior person walked towards me, gave a pat on my back and said: "young man, you seem to have learnt about the hard truth very early... do you have money to go back home...?" I replied: "No!"... He took out 15 bucks and said "God is great, keep your spirits alive.. things will fall in place" and I came back home!!! This has been the most dreaded experience during my stay in Kolkata since past 4.5 years.

Is this city becoming unsafe day by day? Is the law and order system strong enough to protect the common man? I came out unhurt of this... but many are not so fortunate...!! When will this end? What can we do to bring an end to this? Will the police be of any help to the common man?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jai Hind...!!

We are all set to celebrate our 63rd Independence day to commemorate of 62 Years of Independence. Be it Nuclear power or be it corruption... we top both the lists! Country men are becoming liberal day by day but the proportion of liberal thinkers to the total population is negligble!! On one hand we are advancing steadily on the technology side with new inventions and discoveries now and then. On the other hand, a host of unique ways of "corruption" being invented.... India is great...!!

We need to wake up and stride forward to change the proportion of good to bad things... making good stand heavier on the bad... but how?

I guess its just like preparing a cup of coffee for yourself... a cup of milk, a little sugar, a teaspoon coffee... and its ready...!!

Cup of milk - group of active leaders without being diluted with the taste of corruption
Little Sugar - blessings and guidance of able and tenured seniors who contributed towards building the nation
Teaspoon of coffee - the spirit of unity and togetherness to drive India towards making it the best country in the world...

result... INDIA - the strongest, the steadiest and wealthiest economy and country of the world..!!

Lets do it...!!

Jai hind...!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Autobiography of a mouse (computer mouse)

Logitech USB Mouse
Click... click... Hi... I'm your favorite... Mousy, the mouse.

Have you ever wondered how it feels for being clicked through ones life... kidding! Its my life and I'm born to be clicked..!

Let me give me a brief intro about myself. I'm an optical mouse with USB2.0 interface and born in a company called "Logitech" at a Hong Kong factory. I've got two click buttons and a scroll wheel. Today I turn two... thats right... its my b'day today so I thought of writing about my life.

My ancestors used have a PS2 interface but with the advancement of technology even our race improved. USB rocks... I find so comfort... its beyond expression. Moreover, with jet speed computing my life is becoming easier but complex day by day.

I enjoy being in safe hands of experienced users i.e. "who handle with care"! Why I feel so? Once my master was teaching something on the comp to his younger brother (who was just 5) and later gave the complete control to his brother. I can still feel the pain thinking of that moment. The kid... a brat... had no feelings for me and tapped my click buttons as if I was a tabla! The brat was trying to play some game and got so excited that he was almost on top of me... God saved me!!

I enjoy the most when my master's parents use me! They handle me so gently... as if I'm a new born baby! Ummma..

As far as my master is concerned, I have a little complain.... he uses me scantily. He's very fond of my colleague... Mr Keyboard... He uses me rarely but he has his own style of using me in terms of his timing!!!

But guess what I think I'm gonna be extinct soon...! I overheard my master talking to his friend last night. He is planning to replace me with my next generation - a wireless mouse. He said it would be more handy for him...! I served him with utmost sincerity over the past two years but he's not giving a second thought of retaining...! I thought I'm safe this recession... but I guess no one is...!! :(

Master, please re-think... I am a very obedient servant and reliable one too! Please consider the extension of my services... I promise that I'll serve you till my death! Please please please...
Readers... what do you say...?? Should I consider Mr Mousy's request?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Response at the Kolkata Bloggers' Meet

It was indeed a happening Saturday evening when I got to see faces I've been seeing virtually only! It was an experience of its kind which is beyond expression. On one hand I felt it was a forum where people where trying to sell themselves or their products and on the other hand it was fun...!

I had been glued to my seat from 5 pm to 9 pm! Though the meet lasted even beyond 9, I had to leave as I was getting repeated calls from my friend who was waiting out side the venue. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening from the start till the end of my stay there.

One of the presentations (by Aji Isaac) was very interesting which spoke about the composition of blogs of the participants. It showed cool facts about the type, content, location, target audience etc of the blogs of people who attended the meet. Good work Aji...!!

Abhishek Rungta too was too informative with his presentation on Blog Monetisation...

Mr. Agrawal was great (as usual)... with his slide show on "Online Reputation Management"... I learnt a great deal and am already on my way to put his suggestions into action... Thanks sir..!! :)

I hope we have more of such meets at periodic intervals...!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Kolkata Bloggers' Meet 09....

A "meet" with a difference... indeed! Amazed to know about the "Kolkata Bloggers' Meet 09" scheduled for 8th Augut 2009 at Kolkata. The bloggers' community is now coming together in reality... hard to believe!

This is a community who is not bound by geographical barriers. They are there for one another irrespective of any place. Sharing views, ideas, thoughts and values... Its really heartening to know that I'll be meeting the bloggers of Kolkata in person. I'll surely urge the bloggers in Kolkata to be there for sure... we the "Kolkatans" can set a new trend in blogging...!!

I've just entered the world of active blogging... hope this meet lifts my moral further up...!!

Date: 8th August 2009 | Saturday

Location: CCD (Cafe Coffee Day); RDB Adlabs Sector V; Saltlake City; Kolkata

Time: 5 PM onwards

Entry Fees: ZERO


Kolkata Blogger's Meet09

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kolkata - Ready for the change?
I was out for jogging after 4 days today and could smell the freshness in the air. It was not a co-incidence but a result of the ban on old public vehicles. Usually when I am back from jogging I could see a layer of dust on my face... thanks to the ever polluting public transport on the roads. Though they are less in numbers at that hour of the day but it is sufficient enough to kill a new born...!!

What makes me feel even better...?? Generally, I find Kolkatans resistant to such changes where the effort on their part increases drastically. But this time things are different... amazing..!! I was tuned in to one of the FM stations (92.7 Big FM) during the jogging hour where RJs were interviewing masses at large on their reaction about the ban on old vehicles... to my surprise and for the first time in the past 4 years of my stay in this city, I found everyone in favor of this change. Some went on and said that we are ready to face problems due to the thin availability of public transport if we are sure of getting this change in environment consistent. Glancing at the newspaper this morning, I read quotes from old vehicle owners favoring inspite of their loss, that they too feel the difference when they are out on the road...!!

What next...?? I feel now the government should expedite on take like steps for private owned vehicles too. This will ensure consistency in the effort as well as results...!!

Kudos to Kolkata.... I'm sure people are changing and are ready to accept good changes with a bigggg smile...!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Friendship Day...

Hey friends... Here comes the day when we remember our "Friends"... the one who is in your life by choice and not by force...!! There's an old saying: "We cannot choose our parents but we can choose our Friends" and its very true.

So lets make this day memorable to all our friends... who in some way or the other have touched our lives and made it worth living.

What's on your mind to surprise your "Friend"...??