"CountIF" or "SumIF" with an extra "S" makes the difference...

Most of the users are very used to formula like "COUNTIF"or "SUMIF"... Excel offers "S" factor adding spice to these handy formulas... 

Sumif: usual syntax is =Sumif(criteria range, criteria, sum range) where you want to sum a given range of cells based on a condition in another range of cells. "Sumifs" acts one step further.

The syntax is =Sumifs(Sum range, Criteria range1, criteria1, Criteria range2, criteria2...) and go on to add upto 9 criteria. This is handy when we need to sum a range based on more than one criteria.

Similarly, we are quite used to "Countif" formula while counting a given range based on a filter criteria. Just like sumifs, countifs offers the same operation with multiple criteria filtration. Countif syntax: =Countif(Count range, Criteria). The countifs syntax gets changed to =countifs(Criteria range1, criteria1, criteria range2, criteria2....). This too works upto 9 criteria.

Excel really makes life simpler.... Isn't it??


  1. Thanks for your Tips.
    Pls give the tips with example.

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