Keyboard Shortcut to add/delete rows or columns in Excel

"Ctrl + +" (add rows or columns) and "Ctrl + -" (delete rows or columns) are the easy shortcuts one may remember while adding and deleting rows/columns in Microsoft Excel.

Adding rows or columns:

If you wish to add rows above the current cell... just press "shift + spacebar" (discussed in my earlier post) to select the current row and then press "Ctrl + +". It will insert a row over the current row. Press "Ctrl + +" repeatedly to insert as many rows.

Similarly, "ctrl + spacebar" and then "Ctrl + +" adds a column before the current column.

You may try pressing "Ctrl + +" without selecting a row or a column. In such a case, you may get a pop-up (as shown in the image) where you can choose an option of adding a row or a column.

Deleting rows or columns:

"shift + spacebar" followed by "Ctrl + -" deletes the selected row & "ctrl + spacebar" followed by "Ctrl + -" deletes the selected column.

In case no row or column is selected, pressing "Ctrl + -" gives another pop-up asking you to choose what you want to perform.


  1. Some users may have to use "Ctrl+Shift+minus sign" to delete rows.

    1. yes specially for laptop users not having exclusive numeric keypad.

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